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Fort Wayne USBC BA

The Fort Wayne USBC BA was organized and sanctioned by the ABC in 1907.  The first officers saw an opportunity to begin an organization supporting the game of ten pins which also stressed the values of character, tradition, integrity and heritage.  The association has thrived by the hard work and support of the many volunteers bowlers, and proprietors. 

Fort Wayne USBC WBA

The Fort Wayne USBC WBA was organized and sanctioned by WIBC in 1920.  The first officers of the Association believed in the standards that were set forth by  WIBC.  An organization that stood for tradition friendship, fun, competition, leadership and success.  In 2005 the WIBC joined with ABC to form the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) and today women bowlers can still proudly call USBC and Fort Wayne USBC WBA "My Organization".




Please check out the Secretaries Page to get some valuable information for your league. We have also included instructions on check Rules then league resources for some pdf files to download so you will be prepared to start this season. Have a GREAT year and as always, NEED HELP? call the office or ask a board member.

ATTENTION BOWLING CENTERS- The Fort Wayne Invitational Tournament Blank is here...Ft. Wayne Invitational Tournament

Bowling Season is winding down.....but a few events remain

Funfest- RESULTS on Calendar Page

Master's Tournament @ Westwood May 4th & 5th

Master's Entry Here.....Entry

Women's Classic @ Pro Bowl May 6th & 7th -Handicap & Scratch Divisions

Finally, IF you are a secretary of a league and bowlers achieved 11 in a row, 300, & 800 and you DID NOT send in the info because it would have been a multiple, please send a listing of bowlers, the achievement, date, game/series. We want to recognize the Fort Wayne Bowlers in the yearbook.

"11 in a row" awards, USBC is not awarding the 11 in a row award BUT if you still want to buy one you can do so by calling ACA(Award Company of America) @ (205) 248-1340. That is a direct line to Debra who will help you order one and arrange payment.

Sally Kane Memorial Golf Tournament at Coyote Creek July 22, 2015. Tournament sponsored by the Indiana Bowling Centers. Sponsor sheet and entry blanks downloadable here. SallyKaneMemorial and SallyKaneSponsorhip



Don't forget if you need a bowler's average from the past four years you can go to the Bowler's Page and check out the listing under BA or WBA Ybave. This will give you an alphabetical listing of bowlers with averages and I.D. numbers.


CALL THE OFFICE immediately if you have a problem with your league or have a question, we are there to help.


Please help support the Breast Cancer Foundation whenever you can. We promise we will!

Office Location Map for your info:officelocationimages/OfficeLocation.pdf

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